Choosing your wedding hairstyle can feel akin to adding the final touch to your overall bridal beauty ensemble.

In reality, however, your hairstyle holds equal significance to all other elements. If you’re seeking a means to elevate the allure of your contemplated hairstyle, it’s opportune to contemplate the addition of fresh floral accents. No, we’re not referring to flower crowns (though those possess their charm). If you’re not inclined towards donning a complete headpiece adorned with blooms, rest assured that it’s not a prerequisite.

You have the flexibility to incorporate as few or as many of your favourite flowers into your hairstyle, thereby imparting the perfect touch of colour, texture, and freshness to your overall look.

Consider, for instance, the following hairstyles donned by brides during their actual celebrations. These not only demonstrate that florals can elevate your locks to new heights but also affirm that there’s a seamless way to integrate blossoms into any hairstyle. Opting for loose, wavy hair? Integrate a delicate sprig to elegantly adorn one side. If a classic updo is your preference, consider enhancing it with two or three creamy roses positioned above a chignon or low bun. For a braided style, contemplate weaving anything from baby’s breath to andromeda into your intricate plait.

It’s worth noting that not all floral hairstyles necessitate fresh blooms. Should you be in search of a more resilient hairpiece—one that will endure the dance-filled festivities—opt for silk, metal, or crystal varieties.

Eager to explore these captivating styles first-hand?

Navigate through the gallery to unearth the perfect wedding hairstyle that resonates with your vision.

Braids and Buds

floral shades

A burst of peachy roses dressed up this bride’s under-braid updo while a few sprigs of strategically-placed baby’s breath completed the look.

Floral Scrunchie

stunning hair blooms

Small white blooms, andromeda buds, and leafy greens created a “scrunchie” effect around this bride’s bun.


lovey floral hair slide

use a piece of looped hair to keep this minimal sprig in place.


floral hair flowers

Three bold blooms added some fresh volume to this beauty’s classic-meets-messy chignon.

Loose and Wispy

bridal flowers hairpiece

A trail of all-white flowers made this loose braid even softer and infinitely more romantic.

Metallic and Crystals

floral hairstyles this modern romance

We loved how this metallic vine (the “buds” are actually crystals!) followed the terrain of this tucked updo.


floral hairstyles

An Ombre floral piece fit prettily into this bride’s thick braid and referenced both her wedding sari and bouquet’s colour palette.


bridal floral hair piece with andromeda

Two sprigs of andromeda mimicked an oversized bar hair clip.


floral hairstyles

A pink Ranunculus topper looked right at home on top of crisscrossed milk-maid braids.

Garden Rose Hair Piece

floral hairstyles

This bride rocked two major floral statements on her big day—a quarter-crown garden rose headpiece and matching rose bud ring.

Flowers Meet Veil

floral hairstyles

Two statement-making magnolia flowers bridged the gap between the bride’s floor-length veil and her mane, which she wore in loose waves


floral hairstyles

Shooting greens gave an otherwise sleek updo a little bit of movement. Red Astrantia provided a pretty colour contrast to the leafy sprigs.

Beauty Moment

floral hairstyles

This bride matched her tropical floral hair accents to her raspberry-hued lipstick.


floral hairstyles

Two cream-colored roses were a fresh, traditional finishing touch for this popular bridal updo,


floral hairstyles

Identical peony and Amaranthus blooms framed an open halo around the crown of this bride’s head.


floral hairstyles

Use crystal vines to add another layer to your twist-meets-braid ‘do.

New Bloom Wedding Hairstyles

floral hairstyles

This bride took her floral headpiece as a chance to weave even more of her favourite flowers into her bridal beauty look. Her dahlia-centric bouquet paired prettily with the roses worn above her rolled updo.

Pearl Wedding Hairstyles

floral hairstyles

Use this pearly hair accent to mimic baby’s breath (but it will be infinitely more durable!).

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