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England, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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My Beautiful Pen

Hampshire, United Kingdom

My Beautiful Pen is a speechwriting business based in Fleet, Hampshire, offering services to couples for their weddings and other special occasions.

I am the owner of My Beautiful Pen, a creative writer with years of experience in the wedding business.

I love words, reading, music (I am a vocalist too), walking, eating good food and I love a good Thai or authentic curry, as well as just blooming delicious food.

I have three children and I am and have been happily married for many years.

I believe in love and wonderful fulfilling relationships, I speak from, the heart and I read my own wedding speech when very few brides were doing this.

I love working with newlyweds to mark their once-in-a-lifetime big day by turning their heartfelt thoughts into beautiful vows and speeches that guests will remember for years to come.

When it comes to speeches, I used to focus mainly on the Bride’s speech, as it’s a huge passion of mine to help the brides say what they want to say and to do their own gorgeous and bespoke dedications.

However, I am always been asked to write the following and so I have carried on writing for these lovely people:

* Mothers Of The Brides Speech’s

* Fathers Of The Brides Speech’s

* Grooms Speech’s

* Brides Speech’s

* Personalised Vows

* Wedding Speech Personalised Poems

* Wedding Speeches With Poems

* Original & Personalised Ceremony Readings

And so much more, and I love bringing the couples, personality and vibe into each reading, it is so important and can make all the guests feel an even bigger part of your special day.

I offer a range of services that couples can tailor to their needs.

I am passionate about helping people express themselves in words giving them the confidence to do so.

I can help clients to say what they want to say in an authentic and meaningful way that is sure to capture hearts.

I always offer an initial consultation/relaxed chat by telephone or Zoom and ask clients to fill out a gorgeous prompt guide and questionnaire to help her get started.

Imagine being able to say what you want to say, in your way, in front of all of those people you know and love, or share a personalised reading about your journey as a couple.

Imagine how you will make them feel.

Imagine how you will feel…

I use my singing/songwriting skills to create pieces that sing the spoken word.

I can, on occasion, work at short notice.

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