Hello. I’m Milda, the person behind the lens. Describing who I am in just a page is a challenge, but let me try. I believe that great photography is more than being in the right place at the right time. It’s a celebration of emotions, a testament to the love that shapes lives forever. It’s about embracing yesterday’s adventures and the countless ones waiting ahead. My well of inspiration draws from the pages of books, the frames of movies, and the hidden corners of places I explore. Yet, it’s the incredible people I meet who truly fuel my passion. Their journeys, their stories—each wedding teaches me something new, and it’s this human connection that makes every click of the shutter meaningful.

In the heart of every intimate ceremony or grand celebration, my photography is a testament to the belief that, above all, it’s about people—nothing else is more important. Through a harmonious blend of editorial sophistication and documentary authenticity, I strive to capture not just moments but the very essence of your day. Whether it’s a quiet whisper, a shared laugh, or the unspoken joy in a glance, I aim to crystallize the genuine emotions that define your celebration.

Your story is unique, and it takes centre stage in my wedding photography. Each photograph becomes a vessel, carefully preserving these moments, ensuring they endure as cherished memories for a lifetime.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve been on this photographic journey, honoured to snag a few prestigious awards and even find my work featured in Rock My Wedding, Boho Weddings, and County Wedding Magazine.

I am a Hertfordshire-based wedding photographer, but always ready to pack my bags and join you wherever your love story unfolds.

Thank you for your time reading this, hopefully I will hear back from you soon.


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