Simple Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Apart from the wedding centrepieces, there are numerous elements that contribute to your

tablescapes—place settings, table numbers, dishes, to mention a few. Maintain an overall

minimalist and streamlined appearance with these straightforward wedding centrepieces.

1. Low Centrepiece in Stone Vessel

Wedding Centerpieces White and Green Roses

White roses and green go together like you and your partner—they’re a perfect match.

Plus they work with any colour palette or style.

2. Blue and White Hydrangea Centrepieces

Wedding Centerpieces hydrangea

We love hydrangeas because they’re stunning and they smell amazing. The combination

of white and blue is fresh and fun—particularly perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.

3. Simple and Classic Wedding Centrepieces

Wedding Centerpieces White and Green

Mix small white blooms with your favourite greenery for a simple and pretty centrepiece idea.

Intersperse candles in between for a sophisticated touch.

4. White Peony Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Moss

This petite arrangement only requires a few flowers. Pair hydrangeas with peonies

and add in greenery of your choice (the fluffy green trick dianthus shown here

is always a fun choice). It’s a simple wedding centrepiece that still looks thought-out and intentional.

5. Driftwood Table Runner Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Driftwood

An easy way to ramp up your simple florals? Add a driftwood accent to the bottom of low centrepieces.

6. Asymmetric Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Dahlia

Let your dahlias (or flower of choice) shine by pairing them with delicate, tiny blossoms.

We love the idea of incorporating darker hues to make the centrepiece a little more edgy.

7. Muted Colour Palette Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces chrysanthemums and eucalyptus

Keep your wedding centrepieces simple but interesting by playing with textures.

Mix something soft (like chrysanthemums) with something edgy (like proteas) and something

simple (like eucalyptus).

8. Pampas Grass Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Tall Pampas Grass

This arrangement, with greenery and pampas grass, makes for the ultimate boho wedding centrepiece.

9. Simple Greenery Branch Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Greens and Baby's Breath

You don’t have to have a ton of florals in your centrepieces. Check out this simple tablescape

design, which consists of assorted greenery and baby’s breath.

10. Eucalyptus and Baby’s Breath Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces eucalyptus

Calling all minimalists. Place eucalyptus in glass jars for an effortlessly gorgeous centrepiece.

11. Single Flower Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Single Stem

Your wedding centrepiece doesn’t have to be a full-on bouquet. Place one or two flowers

in glass vases for understated and gorgeous table décor.

12. Bud Vase Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Rose Gold Vase

Create a mini bouquet by using just one or two stems of each flower. Place in a colourful vase

(like this rose gold one) for a perfectly petite display of posies.

13. Greenery Centrepiece with Moss

Wedding Centerpieces Moss and dark leaves

Searching for a simple rustic wedding centrepiece? Consider this combination of moss, eucalyptus

and neutral-coloured blooms.

14. Tulip Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Box of Tulips

Keep things simple by using one kind of bloom for a mono-floral centrepiece.

We love this adorably chic trough of tulips.

16. Terrarium Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Glass Terranium

Amp up simple greens by placing them inside pretty terrariums.

20. Elegant Summer Centrepiece

Romantic pedestalled centerpiece idea

Put your centrepieces on display with pedestal vases. They’re perfect for arrangements with

low-hanging elements like jasmine vine or seeded eucalyptus. If you’re hosting a black-tie

affair, opt for pedestals in silver or gold to elevate the blooms.

21. Centrepiece with Pears and Grapes

Wedding Centerpieces Fruit

Here’s a creative idea: use fresh fruit in your centrepieces. If your wedding location is known

for its apples, pears or grapes, it’s a cute way to pay homage to the place you exchanged vows.

22. Boho Elegant Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Tall Topical

Nothing says elegance like white Phalaenopsis orchids. Combine them with

tropical greens for the ultimate tropical, boho chic setup.

23. Classic Fall Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Gradient Colors

Combine different shades of roses for a pretty gradient effect. Complement with greens of your choice.

24. Blush Taper Candle Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Blush Candles

Elegant, but never boring. Match your candles to the colours of your flowers for a sophisticated-yet-chic effect.

25. Autumn Foliage Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Leaves and Flowers

Mix wildflowers, leaves and greenery together in a pretty vase for an elegant fall wedding centrepiece idea.

26. Moody Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Dark and Moody

Let your dark and moody colour palette shine by incorporating lots of greenery and a few bright blooms.

Red and ivory centerpiece on gold reception tables

Red and Gold Wedding Inspiration With a Regal Touch

27. Dahlia and Garden Rose Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Orange Candles

Pair romantic pink dahlias and garden roses together for an undeniably gorgeous tablescape.

28. Greenery Table Runner

Tall candlesticks with low white hydrangea centerpieces

There’s something so timeless about an all-white reception with natural greenery. Add some

ambience to a formal table with long, elegant taper candles. Pair the candlesticks with lush,

but low, centrepieces to create a real wow factor.

29. Tall Orchid Centrepieces

Wedding Centerpieces Tall and Tropical

Orchids look best when they’re cascading down from above, which is why they’re a popular flower choice for tall arrangements. Lift them up and combine them with tropical greens and colourful

blooms for a picturesque wedding table.

30. White and Green Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Tall White and Green

Elevated white and green florals are the perfect mix of simple and glam.

32. Floating Candle Centrepiece

Hanging white hydrangea centerpieces

How can hanging flowers not wow you? Draw your guests eyes’ upward with floral installations. Suspended hydrangeas mimic the table arrangements, while hanging candles add a

romantic ambience.

33. Chinoiseries Vase Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Ginger Jars

An easy way to achieve an unexpectedly elegant tablescape is by pairing decorative vases

together. Choose items in the same colour palette for a chic mix-and-match look.

Unique Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Maybe the average wedding flowers aren’t for you. Good news: these unique wedding

centrepieces will bring some unexpected flair to your tablescapes. From archery arrows

to fresh veggies, these ideas are just as memorable as you and your partner.

34. Wes Anderson-Inspired Centrepiece

unique wedding centerpiece idea inspired by wes anderson with archery arrows and flowers in vintage coffee tin

You’d better not be pretending your wedding is a Wes Anderson movie again.

But really—we love this creative summer camp-themed centrepiece featuring

archery arrows, colourful flowers and eclectic knick-knacks.

35. Rainbow Ombre Centrepiece

unique wedding centerpiece idea with rainbow colored baby's breath and flowers in ombre design

Pile on the colour with a rainbow-inspired wedding centrepiece. Arrange the blooms in an

ombré pattern for a whimsical-but-chic effect.

36. Autumn Harvest Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Seasonal Fruit

Here’s a unique centrepiece idea for Autumn weddings. Use seasonal fruit—pomegranates, grapes and

figs—alongside greenery for a table top smorgasbord.

38. Gourd Centrepiece

fall wedding centerpiece with green apple and gourd

If you’re incorporating seasonal or local produce, let it have the spotlight. Accent it with

simple and sparse arrangement in a glass

45. Modern Beach Centrepiece

unique beach wedding centerpiece idea with driftwood, white roses and orchids

Rustic Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Featuring details like tree branches, wooden vases and colourful wildflowers, these rustic

wedding centrepieces are inspired by the great outdoors.

46. Greenery Vines Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Tall Greens

Tall centrepieces are usually considered to be more formal and dramatic, but with an

abundance of draped jasmine vines and greenery, these arrangements feel

beautifully rustic.

47. Birch Branch Centrepieces

rustic wedding centerpiece idea with flowers on top of tall birch branches

Display your flowers atop birch branches instead of the traditional vases or centrepiece stands.

48. White and Red Peony Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Wildflowers and Peonies

For a simple, bohemian wedding centrepiece, sprinkle in wildflowers alongside bigger blooms, like peonies


49. Wooden Trough Centrepieces

Wedding Centerpieces Box of Roses

Capture rustic elegance by placing pastel-coloured blooms in a wooden box.

50. Yellow, Blue and Orange Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Glass Bottles

Aiming for a vintage vibe? Collect colourful glasses and bottles, then repurpose them for your

rustic centrepieces (we love this idea for a garden wedding).

51. Camping Lantern Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Lantern and Greens

If you’re aiming for a super-rustic vibe but don’t want to lose sophistication, accent bare wooden

tables with lanterns and soft greenery.

52. Sunflower Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Sunflowers and Dahlias

Cheerful yellow sunflowers are a rustic floral favourite. Pair them with daisies and greenery for an

outdoor summer wedding reception.

53. Table Runner with Wildflowers

Wedding Centerpieces Yellow and Orange Flowers

Sunny, bright hues like yellow and orange will stand out even more against a backdrop of greenery.

54. Rustic Table Number Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Wooden Stump

Incorporate an earthy vibe into your centrepieces by adding wooden table numbers to bring

balance to pastel flowers and greenery.

55. Painted Antlers Centrepiece

Wedding Centerpieces Gold Antlers

Gold-tipped antlers are undeniably rustic. Use them sparingly alongside your floral centrepieces

and candles for an easy, outdoorsy-style tablescape.

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