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Let us begin with a question. 

Do you want to enjoy your wedding day and remember it for all the right reasons? 

If you do, then we need to talk. 

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most wonderful of days, but with so much going on they can be exhausting, and not necessarily for the reasons you might think. 

Therefore, if you can hand over the running of it to someone else, who can not only guide you but all your guests too, that way you get to relax a whole lot more and as such remember the day for all the right reasons.

I am not a planner, I am the carry outer. I make sure all that you planned happens, whilst keeping things to time, your guests informed, and your suppliers updated, and in doing so allow you to concentrate on what you want and need to do in the moment without the worry of everything else going on behind the scenes. 

I become your extra pair of eyes and ears, checking everything is as you wish before making any announcements to guide everyone throughout the day. I allow your suppliers to do what they need to do, to do their best, without the distraction of the guests, keeping them informed also. However, I also bring value to what they create. By keeping the schedule as close to target as possible, I ensure the big-ticket items remain value for money. I make sure food is served at its best, that any band of DJ gets to play for all their allotted time and that your photographers can concentrate on taking photos rather than having to go in search of those within them. And of course, if there is a cake, I get to highlight that also, but never forget that this day is about you. 

It is your day, your celebration, but remember this, people will struggle to remember the details of a dress or a cake only a short time after a wedding, but the memory of how they felt and the experience that they had will linger much longer. 

For me, the biggest compliment is word of mouth and repeat business. Two of the photos in the gallery include me with what looks like guests. That is in fact what they are, but at the wedding of a family friend or sibling. Those in the picture with me lying down in front of them are all cousins of the same family, all of whom used me at their wedding. The other picture includes a sister of the bride and two cousins and their respective spouses, again all of whom I had the pleasure of guiding at their weddings too. 

I love what I do. It doesn’t matter what religion, or cultural background you come from, be it Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, or Humanist, but if you wish for a little bit of order at your wedding in a way that people do not even notice, then please get in touch. I can be as formal or as informal as you wish. I am not there to tell jokes, but I am there to give everyone a memorable experience in a warm, friendly and calm manner.

So, if you wish to really enjoy your wedding day, engage me to be there to help guide you, your family and friends. Forget about that schedule you have created and let me worry about it for you and if you want to go and chat with someone, you do it in the knowledge that you can, and when I need you, I will come and let you know.  

Whatever you decide, I only wish you the best.


James Hasler – The Man in the Red Coat – Award Winning WeddingToastmaster, Master of Ceremonies, MC and Compere.

















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Why do I need you if I have a planner

Planners plan and I carry out. 

I bring value to the planners' work, allowing them to concentrate on the finer details of the day without worrying about the guests and how to guide them. 

Many are very creative, but very few wish to or have the skills and presence to lead an audience as it is not within their confidence or comfort zone. 

How far do you travel?

I am happy to go where the wedding takes me. I have worked throughout Europe at many "destination weddings" as well as in Las Vegas! 

Obviously though, the further from my home base does have an effect on pricing, not just the cost of transportation, but also time.  

Do you always wear the Red Coat?

Simple answer, No. 

Longer answer, the red coat is used purely because it stands out, which is quite important if you are the guide. However, as is often the case at Jewish weddings I wear a black tailcoat rather than the red, but ultimately I will come dressed as you think is most appropriate, within reason!

I have done several celebrations in fancy dress and character. One for a Star Wars-themed May the 4th Wedding as Qui Con Gin where I had to channel some inner Liam Neesom. I have also done another as Lumiere for a Beauty and the Beast celebration, mock French accent included, and finally, I am officially the third ever Dumbledore to have been made up in the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studios Tour at Watford, although that was for an awards ceremony, not a wedding! 

Why should I choose you over other toastmasters?

A good question.

Toastmasters are a very varied bunch, and like with every profession you get great, good and not-so-good. 

I may not be the right person for you and your style of wedding, but the only way to find that out is by speaking with me. That is really important when engaging a toastmaster. Set yourself a budget but do not automatically go for the cheapest option. Invariably you get what you pay for.

All I can say is, that I can adapt better than many of my peers as I come from not only an acting background, so my presentation skills are strong and relaxed, but also I have many years in customer service and so I not only do I have a good understanding of people from all walks of life but have the ability to get on with them too. 

I am tall, and personable, but can control a large audience, without ordering them around. My style is very much to invite an audience to come with me, rather than tell them where to go. 

The other thing is that I adapt my delivery very much to the style of the couple and fully understand that a wedding is not a City dinner and therefore needs to be addressed differently. 

Finally, the day is about you, not me. You hear from me and see me, only when necessary. My job is to run your wedding and not become the main attraction at your wedding! Not all Toastmasters understand that sadly.

Why and how did you become a Toastmaster/MC?

Totally by accident! 

I spent the best part of 28 years in the motor industry working in customer service but often leading and presenting at new product launches. 

However, following the birth of my daughter in 2010 I became her primary carer. A chance meeting led me to run a conference event in Dusseldorf and several others followed. However, as I had been"winging" it, I decided to find training as an event/conference moderator but could find none. What I could find though, was training to be aToastmaster (which is fundamentally the same job, but dressed up differently) which I got from the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters of whom I am now a Fellow. 

The rest is history as they say.... Several awards later, including Toastmaster of the Year in 2019 and last year, (2023) both the IWA National and International Wedding Toastmaster of the Year. I am delighted to be a Toastmaster, to get so much enjoyment from it and to be doing a job that I love.  


James Hasler

James Hasler

The Man in the Red Coat

Event Host, Moderator, Toastmaster & Compere for in-person & virtual events. Charity Auctioneer & Beadle in the City of London. Loves camping, sunshine, skiing, travelling and weddings, either on there own or as a combination!